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Dallas Buyers' Agents - What Do They Do?

Homebuyers and Sellers alike deserve the best services.  It doesn't always happen but then what about those who have provided guarantees

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Like conductors of a great symphonies, Realtors orchestrate all aspects of a real estate transaction.

Just as Symphony Conductorconductors know each note in their musical score, Realtors have a thorough understanding of the purchase process.Both understand the interaction of all the players in their orchestra. A Realtor leads the players in a real estate transaction with one vision in mind: a successful closing. This is accomplished through skill, focus, timing, creativity, attention to detail, and all the players working in harmony.

Buyer clients have said to me, at the beginning of their home search, "I would love to have your job.It must be great to get paid for looking at houses."Looking at houses is just the first note in the symphony!The role of the Buyer's Agent is multifaceted and differs from transaction to transaction based on the personalities of the players and the conditions of the purchase.

As Your Buyer's Agent, I do the following:

  • Communicate with you and all the players in the transaction on a regular basis and as frequently as necessary
  • Educate you about the process of purchasing a property: buying strategies, Buyer and Seller responsibilities, escrow procedures, local regulations
  • Gain an understanding of your wants and needs
  • Provide a list of mortgage professionals
  • Introduce you to neighborhoods that satisfy your wants and needs
  • Screen homes to focus on properties that meet your preferred criteria
  • Arrange for home tours on a convenient schedule
  • Discuss open houses, new construction and For Sale by Owner (FSBO) properties
  • Contact Seller Agents to gain additional information about properties of interest to you
  • Provide analysis of micro neighborhood markets based on sales information
  • Provide available information about the history of a property of interest to you
  • Provide contact information for local businesses, organizations, or professionals of interest to you
  • Review Seller Disclosure and discuss pertinent issues
  • Evaluate comparable home pricing in the neighborhood
  • Write an offer to purchase based on your preferences making certain that you understand the 8 page Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) Contract, addendums, and all terms of your offer
  • Explain the value of the Option Period
  • Advise you about best negotiating strategy
  • Maintain regular communication with you during purchase process and resolve issuesas they come up
  • Negotiate the contract to purchase, in your best interest, including repairs, finance terms, date of possession, Option Period, contingencies, etc.
  • Explain in detail what you are signing
  • Deliver contract and earnest money to title company
  • Deliver option fee to the Seller's Agent
  • Maintain a closing calendar making certain that all tasks are completed according to the terms of the contract
  • Advise you about inspections
  • Help you choose vendors and complete inspections
  • Work though inspection issues
  • Prepare repair amendment based on your decisions and preferences
  • Discuss home warranty companies
  • Work through any appraisal issues that may arise
  • Facilitate communication, as necessary, with lender, title company, and vendors to resolve issues
  • Coordinate transfer of utilities one to two weeks prior to closing
  • Arrange for HOA Membershop, keys, garage door opener and alarm code information, etc. to be transferred to you
  • Schedule closing, review closing documents, and make certain that you have the necessary funds
  • Open the door and let you into your new home!

Select a Buyer's Agent that you trust to represent your interests and, above all, remember that the Seller's Agent represents the Seller in a transaction.

May your Buyer's Agent facilitate the purchase of your new home with the the passion of a great conductor!



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