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31 Day Challenge for May 2011 ~ earn 3,000 BONUS points

Please stop by 31 Day Challenge for May 2011 ~ earn 3,000 BONUS points post and leave her a comment. A Challenge every AR member should join. Let's do the Blogging Challenge!

31 Day Challenge for May 2011 ~ earn 3,000 BONUS points

December was my very first 31 day challenge (which I didn't do that well at).  I started off with a bang, then I started lumping 3 or 4 or 6 days of accomplishments into 1 blog.  I completed it but wasn't too proud of how I did.

Well then the 31 Day Challenge for January came along as a New Years Resolution from Connie Harvey.  Whew, thank you Connie for heading up that challenge.  That one was just like this one coming up here in May 2011.woman typing

  • * You Must Blog Every Single Day (no exceptions)
  • * Listings or Market Reports without any original content about the area, DO NOT COUNT
  • * At least one post must be written about a Happening or Event in your own area (town)
  • * 3,000 BONUS points will be awarded at the end of the contest, if you follow all the above guidelines.  You must email kerrie@activerain.com at the END of the contest along with a hyperlink to your AR profile letting her know that you have finished the challenge and are ready for Kerrie to review.

Why would you want to tackle something like this?

  • Maybe you are ready to take your blogging to the next level & need that kick in the pants to get jumpstarted.
  • You want to meet other agents around that are like minded with similar goals.
  • Bonus points are FUN!!!!
  • Being number 1 in your city might get you more leads (maybe, no guarantee but can certainly help)

man reaching for the starsI must say with my own personal experience in January, I made some good Active Rain friends that I still keep up with now.  I learned some very valuable blogging tips that help my readership enjoy my blog posts better.  Plus that challenge helped me grow as an individual & got my whole family involved in helping me see an opportunity to blog about something important.  Now when my hubby & I are out & about in the community, he will say, "Oh you need to blog about that one."  He is so onboard with me & supportive.  I love it!!!

I would suggest you follow the blogs of some who did the 31 days of January challenge.  It will help you with ideas if you need them. 

You are also totally welcome & encouraged to email or call me if you need help, encouragement or just have questions. 



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Comment balloon 5 commentsC. Lloyd McKenzie • April 29 2011 11:09AM


This is great news and I missed it.  Thanks for the reblog.  Good job.

Posted by Drick Ward, "RealtorDrick" - Experienced Representation (NEPTUNE REALTY) almost 8 years ago

Hi Lloyd... Thanks for the reblog!!!! It sounds like you are in!!! yeah :)

Posted by Christina ONeal, Realtor - Ripon California (At Home Real Estate Group) almost 8 years ago

Hi C Lloyd, this will be a very interesting 'Challenge', thanks for the reminder.

Posted by Dan Edward Phillips, Realtor and Broker/Owner (Dan Edward Phillips) almost 8 years ago

C Lloyd - I have yet participated in one of these.  I know I can blog everyday, but eliminating market reports would kill me since I do 8-10 throughout the month on different neighborhoods.

Posted by Michelle Gibson, REALTOR (Hansen Real Estate Group Inc. ) almost 8 years ago


Actually, I don't think you would have to eliminate your market report. Since this challenge requires one blog per day, you would just have to do one blog that qualifies for the challenge in addition to your market report. You would also haveto limit yourself to 3 market reports per week, since you do not receive points for more than 10 blogs per week.

Dan: You are welcome!  

Chaistine: Thank you! I am definitely in.

Drick: Hope you decide to come in


Posted by C. Lloyd McKenzie, Living Albuquerque almost 8 years ago