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Is the Housing Market on a Doomsday Collision Course?



Is the Housing Market on a Doomsday Collision Course? 

Yet another month of bad news.  In my opinion, nobody captured it quite like Les Christie, Staff Writer of CNN Money in his article "New home sales break record low set last August."  According to Les, "New home sales fell 16.9% in February, to the lowest level since the government began keeping records in 1963, as the reeling housing market failed to generate any momentum."

And there seems to be no end in sight.  Where have all the economists gone? Now is the time for new ideas. Now is not the time for politics...Now is the time to brainstorm ideas that will put a tourniquet on this wound, or it will lead to certain death. 

What troubles me the most is touched on by Les Christie in his  article.  In his own words, he said "there’s a “shadow inventory” of foreclosed homes repossessed by banks and not yet put back on the market."  When will the banks decide to play?  As we continue down this path of certain destruction, It appears some will just sit and do nothing


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Comment balloon 3 commentsC. Lloyd McKenzie • May 23 2011 11:12PM


Good Morning C Lloyd, we could be on a collision course.  The tough part about playing 'chicken' is knowing when to flinch!  This will be interesting.

Posted by Dan Edward Phillips, Realtor and Broker/Owner (Dan Edward Phillips) over 7 years ago

I think we can count on politicians doing nothing meaningful until after the next election, even if economists or someone else came up with brilliant ideas. There are several interesting books out now that take different perspectives on the problems and have different ideas for solving it - but none of them will make politicians popular, so they're not likely to be acted on.

Try Crisis Economics: A Crash Course in the Future of Finance by Stephen Mihm


Posted by Retired Notworking over 7 years ago

Thank you for your comments. I appreciate them very much.  In the future, I will endeavor to respond to them in a more timely fashion. 

Posted by C. Lloyd McKenzie, Living Albuquerque about 6 years ago