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Got Klout?

Ben Kinney and Chad Hyams ar miles ahead of the crowd with Internet Marketing Specialist Designation (IMSD).  If you are a Student of the INSD Program, it is likely that you have got som KLOUT...Take a moment to checkout whether or not you have KLOUT.  And in the meantime leave a comment for Chad and Ben!

Got Klout?

Have you heard about this website Klout? Have you checked it out yet? www.Klout.com

Here at the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation we are getting questions asking about this tool. Is it a game? Is it for real? Why does our Klout matter? How is our Klout score figured out? What is a good Klout score?

Klout came to our attention almost two years ago when Ben Kinney, the founder of the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation, was at a hotel in Las Vegas and was given a room upgrade due to his high Klout score. What was this website that just earned Ben a free upgrade?

We have looked into Klout and learned much more about this tool. It has grown as the social networks grow. Here are some commonly asked questions on Klout.

How did this site start?
Creator Joe Fernandez shares a story about having his jaw wired shut and using Twitter to communicate. He figured there must be a way to figure which people were influential on Twitter on certain topics and which people were not. From this Klout was born!

How does Klout calculate scores?
Klout Scores for Real EstateKlout started just listening to Twitter and had now added Facebook profiles and LinkedIn accounts. Foursquare is on the horizon so start earning those mayorships now.  Facebook Fan Pages will also be coming soon.

You become more influential as your tweets, comments, and posts reach a wider audience.  The best way to achieve this is by having those with extremely high Klout scores joining your conversations.  This is why IMSD commits a class to understanding the keywords and questions that drive great conversations on Facebook and Twitter.

What is a "good" Klout score?
Scores range and people ask what a good score is and what a great score is. From our sources at Klout we have learned that 20 is an average score. Someone with a score over 30 is active on the social networks and a score over 50 is a high score.

Learn More: Live Webinar
The Internet Marketing Specialist Designation will be hosting a webinar next week on the importance of Klout in Real Estate.  We'll have a representative from Klout.com on the call to talk more about their vision for their product within our industry.

     Friday July 15th
     9-10am Pacific / 12pm Eastern
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Comment balloon 4 commentsC. Lloyd McKenzie • July 11 2011 09:02PM


Interesting reblog Lloyd, but I don't think there's enough time in the day for me to join one more media site - I'm still trying to figure out Google +1 - supposedly the next biggest thing! I do know that it gives you more Google juice so I chose to add it to my website......as soon as I can figure it out - lol!

Posted by Kristine Ginsberg, NJ Home Stager (Elite Staging and Redesign, LLC) over 7 years ago

Good Morning C Lloyd, an excellent selection to put up again.  Kristine does have a great coment as far as time requirements are concerned.  Where can we do the most 'good'?

Posted by Dan Edward Phillips, Realtor and Broker/Owner (Dan Edward Phillips) over 7 years ago

I have looked briefly into Klout but realize that you can "game" the system.  One way that Klout ranks you is by the number of people that post comments on your posts.  Therefore, posting controversial blogs generate discussion and therefore Klout?  Posting questions (i.e.  what is your favorite color?) gets comments but why should that give you Klout?  I could post a tear jerking (albeit Snopes worthy) post about some cute kids desire to get "like's" from every country on the planet so please share this post" and my Klout score would skyrocket!  Sorry, got to go, I am off to set up my new Klout account for people will know that Jim Paulson in Boise Idaho has Klout as a Realtor.

Posted by Jim Paulson, Owner,Broker (Progressive Realty (Boise Idaho) www.Progressive-Realty.info) about 7 years ago

Thank you for your very perceptive comment.  I appreciate it very much.  Have a great weekend

Posted by C. Lloyd McKenzie, Living Albuquerque about 6 years ago