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Surviving in 2012 and Beyond

Wayne Johnson  of San Antonio has definitely hit this one out of the park.  In light of the recent shootings, we should really dig a little deeper inside.  What would I do if I find myself in an active shooter situation?  Watch the video...

Surviving is a constant quest for plants and animals. We all do what we can to remain alive and continue to exist. There a challenges and obstacles-germs, disease, accidents, and people who wish to do us harm. We try to avoid and sometimes challenge the things that try to take us out. Personal safety is an issue for all of us.

Survivor, CBS showThere is a TV show on CBS called Survivor. Last night was the concluding episode of the twenty-fifth (25th) season. The contestants are quarantined in a kind of primitive habitat without the typical niceties we have in the US-comfortable homes, ready supply of tasty food, hot and cold running water, first-class rest rooms, and daily contact with friends and loved ones.

While the contestants are deprived of creature comforts, if they don't get voted off by their peers, they do have a chance at winning one mill ion dollars. The sole survivor wins one million dollars. As best I can tell no one has died on the show but there have been some pretty serious injuries. So on the show everyone really survives, it's just one person wins the big prize.

That's one form of surviving. Over the past few years there have been several cultural and societal norms that have changed. Political terrorism (both international and home grown) with mass causalities, work place blow-ups where employees exact revenge and kill bosses and fellow employees, and most recently young people who kill students, teachers, and administrators at schools. Charles Whitman did it in the '60s at UT-Austin, but there have been several other cases over the recent past. The most recent was the incident in Connecticut last Friday.

There are no simple answers, no quick fixes, and no majic that can stop this. The only common thread I see is some seem to believe that by killing others they must be making the world a better place. This is madness. I don't know the clinical name for this so I just call it madness.

This past summer the City of Houston developed a Public Service Video that describes things one can attempt if involved in an active shooting situation, Run-Fight-Hide. Here is the video.

This is a way to handle the situation but each of us will have to decide the best course of action based on what we see at the time if in the vicinity of a shooting event. Terrible to have to think about this anytime, but especially during the holiday season. REALTORS are out an about all the time. In office buildings, homes both vacant and occupied, shops, and restaurants. Not suggesting we give up living or trying to stay in a cocoon, there are no absolute safe harbors. Try to survive, live each day to the fullest, and appreciate what you have.

I have no good answers for madness, no solutions, just one piece of advice--stay alert.

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Certainly the point of his post, is pay attention to your surroundings, be aware and alert all the time. Sad, but his points are well taken.

Posted by Joe Petrowsky, Your Mortgage Consultant for Life (Mortgage Consultant, Right Trac Financial Group, Inc. NMLS # 2709) over 6 years ago

Good evening C.Lloyd.

Just stopped by to say hello.

Have a nice weekend.

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Thanks for ypur comments.  Have a great weekend.

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