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Top Commented on Posts in 2012


Comments can take a blog from great to amazing.  The quality and insightful views our members share so freely through the comments keep the post alive and give it fuel.  We all love to get comments and love to leave them too...25 points holler!  I kid, I kid, it's not about the points.  It's about sharing your experience on the blog subject.  Many readers end their post with a "what would you do" or "anyone have any ideas" so that they can learn, grow and/or feel good about the final decision they made.

The top most commented on blogs of 2012 were all featured, no surprise there. Posts that make the homepage of AR or the Daily Drop get a ton of action.  3 contest announcement posts were excluded from this list as the directions were to leave a comment linking to your contest submission.  I thought it only fair to exclude those 3.   


Rainers, the Top 10 Most Commented Posts of 2012

#10 - 217 comments

Ron Barnes - You Can't Fix Stupid
The shortest post on the list yet still a catchy title to get readers interested.  In it, Ron tells us about a client he had that was working with an agent that may have been a bit on the lazy side.  I mean, giving a client direct access to the MLS to scan property?  Get it together!


#9 - 224 comments

Peggy Chirico - I Don't Take Referrals

Whaaaattt?  You don't take referrals?  This must be some sort of mistake.  Aren't those the biggest compliments you receive? This post tells the story of someone Peggy had met that doesn't take referrals because "he can't afford to give up any kind of referral fee".  Um...ok?


#8 - 225 comments

Anita Clark - Marketing Gaffes, Am I the Only Ninny
A Members Only post, Anita shares her blunder in a marketing mistake.  She ends the post asking members what their most embarrassing marketing mistake was which our community was eager to share.  Gotta love the therapy there, you're not alone Anita!


#7 - 226 comments

Greg Nino - Buyer Sues Seller for Not Disclosing Deadly Plants
You never know what you're in for when clicking on one of our most colorful writer's blog posts.  Greg tells us a story about toxic plants, pussy cats and death.  He puts you on jury duty and talks about the realistics of buyer's disclosure.  P.S.  Don't eat the Oleander!


#6 - 231 comments

Lindsey Hasford - Ten Things to Remove Before Listing
A helpful post for professionals to share with their clients.  Top ten or lists of this nature tend to get a lot of traffic and comments.  Readers like to know what they're in for when clicking on a post and Lindsey does a stellar job of sharing her do's with us all.  Who would've thought to remove the magnets?!


#5 - 247 comments

Tammie White - Oops It Looks Like the Buyers Agent Made Another Mistake
A missing refridgerator had the buyer's agent sweating.  Mistakes are made on the daily, probably some people experience more than others.  But what if the agent waives the final walk through and misses the verbiage about the fridge not being included.  Looks like the buyers will be visitng Sears soon.  Tammie does a great job in reminding us all to dot our i's and cross our t's.


#4 - 260 comments

Julia Maher - I'm Mayhem and I'm Your Worst Nightmare
Man, this post was a bit uncomfortable to read and the picture included was creepy too.  Julia covers a subject that we may not like to think about but is important.  The reality is there and making some minor changes in your listing can greatly benefit the safety of the children.  Safety first!


#3 - 273 comments

Belinda Spillman - When Do You Notify a Seller of an Offer
The moment a verbal offer comes in do you call your clients?  Or do you wait for a solid, in-hand agreement?  If you've been bitten in the butt with offers falling through you may choose the latter.  You've all been there, so Belinda wanted to hear from her trusted community about which route they take.


#2 - 312 comments 

Janet Jones - 10 Reasons Not to Stage Your Home
Another top 10 list is our runner-up this year.  And wait a minute...I thought staging a home was worth the money and for the good of the client and deal as a whole.  Oh wait, I see what you did there Janet you sneaky lady.  The title of this post grabbed us and she did a little reverse psychology on the importance of staging.  Well done!


And now, the top dog, the prized pony, the top commented on post of 2012....



With 320 comments  Is 10pm Too Late to Call My Realtor takes the Gold!

Congratulations Jared and the Christiansen team!  From your title to smooth story telling you had us all hooked beginning to end.  How late is too late to call?  Even if you're not doing anything do you want to deal with the kind of client that will disturb you during your downtime watching Real Housewives of Atlanta?  As Nene would say, "Oh hellll No!"





Congratulations to all the writers, readers & commentors on these fabulous posts of 2012.   

If you're interested in reading the Top 10 Read Posts of 2012, please do. 

Happy New Year Rainers!!  2013 is going to ROCK!!

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